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The Food Beverage Institute Ltd (FBI) is the Not For Profit arm of the Qld Food Incubator. 

The board of the FBI includes leaders from the food industry, food business mentors, and food manufacturing engineers.
Drawing on their expertise and networks the board provides guidance to develop policy and deliver programs which develop capacity within the food and beverage industry.

  • Map the Indigenous Food ecosystem

  • Delivery of Indigenous Food development programs.

  • Promotion of Indigenous foods and beverages.

  • Develop a database of Indigenous Food resources.

  • Mentor and support Indigenous Food businesses

The Food Beverage Institute is focussed on proudly supporting Australian Foods and Beverages and building the capacity of Indigenous Food businesses.
The food supply chain from paddock to plate is a diverse landscape with many players from many backgrounds with many priorities. Stakeholders require industry-specific, one-on-one long-term guidance, as well as subject matter experts to assist on a short-term basis with very specific industry issues.
It is our vision to educate and inspire consumers to seek out Australian foods and support Indigenous food businesses creating a proud national cuisine that is known globally.

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