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Technical Advice

  • FOOD SAFETY TRAINING: Complete an accredited training course in food safety supervision

  • FOOD HANDLING TRAINING: Complete an accredited training course in food handling

  • FOOD LICENCE: Secure your licence to produce and manufacture food for commercial sale

  • RECIPE CREATION: Fine tune your recipe for mass production

  • SHELF LIFE TESTING: Complete shelf life testing to determine how long your product will last in different markets

  • PRODUCT NUTRITION LABELS: Make sure your labels have all of the information retailers require

  • PRODUCT COMPLIANCE: Work with the Government to make sure your product is compliant with all of the requirements for food

  • WAREHOUSING AND STORAGE: Explore the best options for warehousing and storing your product and equipment

  • FREIGHT LOGISTICS: Determine your freight partners to deliver your product in a timely and profitable manner

  • PRODUCT PRICING: Market research and analysis to determine the best price to list your product for at a profit

  • Work with distribution centers to deliver your product to customers quickly and profitably

  • RETAIL SPACE: Negotiate retail space in stand-alone storefronts or on the shelves of major retailers

  • VALUE ADDING: How can you add value to your product and increase opportunities to generate income

Facility Hire includes access to the following:

  • Oil jacketed cooking kettle – 400L

  • Homogenising pump

  • Delivery pump – 100L per minute

  • Buffer tank – 2400L each

  • 3 in 1 Rinsing/filling/capping machine – 6000 bottles per hour

  • Tilting conveyor

  • Tamper proof sleeve machine – 2500 per hour

  • Steam generator (shrink sleeves)

  • Cooling tunnel

  • Turntable

  • Semi-automatic twin head piston filler with heated 30Lt hopper – 45 pcs per minute

  • Semi-automatic duck bill bottle capping machine – 45 pcs per minute

  • Automatic round labelling machine + code printing – 20pcs per minute

  • Robo coupe blender

  • Eswood pass through dishwasher

  • Continuous conveyor

  • 1.8t forklift

  • Pallet jack

  • Seed press oil extraction – 80 kg per hour

  • Seed oil filter – 20L per hour

  • Scales



Each time the facility is hired for a shift you are charged a static fee to cover the cost of the following:

  • General cleaning chemicals

  • Rubbish removal

  • Foot bath sanitation (chemicals)

  • Paper towel usage

  • Use of toilets and amenities

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Commercial bin liners

  • Hair nets


Each hire of the facility for a shift requires a pre clean

  • The pre clean must happen before the start of each new shift

  • The pre clean takes approximately 30 minutes

  • The pre clean is per shift regardless of if that shift is for 1 hour or 10 hours


Each hire of the facility for a shift requires exit sanitation

  • The exit sanitation must happen immediately after the conclusion of each new shift

  • The exit sanitation takes approximately 30 minutes

  • The exit sanitation is per shift regardless of if that shift is for 1 hour or 10 hours


The FNQ Food Incubator can supply packaging to fit your need, 

  • Provision of bottles, labels and other related packaging items

  • Equipment to bottle and package

  • Personalised quotes to suit your product can be provided upon request


Don't feel that you have to do it yourself, we can provide labour to manufacture your products.

  • Provision of qualified labour including chefs, kitchen assistants and cleaners

  • Personalised quotes to suit your product can be provided upon request


  • The facility may be used between the hours of 6am and 6pm 7 days per week unless otherwise arranged with the general manager


  • The hirer must take out public liability insurance (in an amount nominated by the FNQ Food Incubator) with an insurer approved by the FNQ Food Incubator. The hirer must supply a certificate of currency for that public liability insurance 14 days prior to the hire


  • All fees and charges imposed by the FNQ Food Incubator will be subject to GST. Unless otherwise stated, fees and charges will be exclusive of GST

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